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Things are running smoothly at Uber, our guest round was fantastic and we will try to do this yearly.  

There will be a few changes coming in the next little while ... but this is a surprise for discussion later on.  <3


This was "The Uber Hunt" and we have changed things up a bit this round. 

We have decided to go with a true loot box type event for Uber and less of a hunt type event.

You will have the gallery to view prior to buying in to the event.  

There is a new fee structure as well:

  5th - 7th (5PM) $L1900

             7th - 25th (5PM) will be $2900


                  Event closes 5 PM on the 25th    

"Early Bird Gets The Worm"

I would suggest, even if you can't go to the Uber Gallery for the items right away, that you at least join the group in the first 48 hours.  This way you have the group at the best price and can then gather the items at your convenience.

Thanks for reading, hope you have an amazing day and have fun shopping the Uber events in SL™.

 Uber Team<3

Image by Tommaso Teloni
Image by Erik Mclean

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