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Latest Uber News

~~  UberGlobal~~

The Economy continues to have fits and spurts as we try to progress forward, both creative partners and customer partners of UberGlobal alike.

We do know that financial hard times are hitting all of us at this time, we do hope to toss some little events in the mix that will help you along the way.   


We are tossing around a few ideas on how to bring you the favorites from UberGlobal all the while keeping a closer watch on your pocketbook/wallet.


Watch for news here or please consider joining our VIP group (which you can find in my profile picks in world) the group is free and we keep all upcoming events and information important to you in that space.   

Thanks for reading, hope you have an amazing day and have fun shopping the Uber events in SL™.

 Uber Team<3

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From the Desk of  Amber

Monthly Blog about things which matter to me, make me smile or ....whatever!

Change is always difficult.....

Times change - even when we don't want them to - am I right?

As most of you know things in Second Life™ are also changing, not necessarily for the worse - but, I guess it depends on who you ask.

The newest bodies have been released in world - for the designers this is always a double edged sword, and a little stressful (ok a lot stressful).


On one hand it's exciting and new!  It progresses their business forward and hopefully it's an easier body to rig for them (that's always a headache).  


On the other hand, the public has a full inventory of items they love and their current and most loved body is becoming obsolete, just in a matter of days.

So, what's to be done about all of this?

Well, we can keep our old items in a folder along with our old body, just one click away from putting it on when we want to wear the older stuff....OR....we can change with the times, start building up our closets with all of the new items for the particular body we have now chosen.

There have been many generations of change, each one forcing us to change along with it or be lost in the past until the day we see something we "can't live without".  


From prim to mesh, from one body to another - the creators newest and most exciting version yet.  From SL™ shapes and heads to mesh heads and shapes that people make for us so that we can just click and go.  Hair changes over the years, from prim to mesh to whatever is now all the rage.  All changes give us the newest options and the best textures which can be offered at "that time".

My concern, mostly, is for the creators in SL™.  Why you ask? 


We can make a choice to stay in the past, that's of our choosing.  Creators/Designers, in SL™ and RL must move forward with the times - this is how they make their livings - this is their RL business.


We as consumers don't see many (any) 1950 vehicles on the car lot when we go to buy a new car in 2024.  We don't see Macy's™ selling last years clothing - but yet we all expect our creators/designers in SL to stay in the bubble.  Do you want a rotary phone again?  Want to wash your clothes on a rock at the river?  Want SL™ from 14 years ago again?  I'm betting I know the answer.

I look forward to seeing what comes around the next corner of SL™, Obviously I have changed as SL has changed, because that's my preference - but, I know this is shocking to some of you, I have that folder of all my old stuff, just 10 minutes away from wearing it.


With that I'm hopping off the soap box that is my blog!

<3<3 Be kind to one another!


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